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stress free dance

Are you struggling to manage your stress? Is your health is balances?

Do you want to burst your stress?

Yes!, then follow me and let’s dance….

Confused ! why I am asking you to dance to relieve your stress ,does it makes any sense,

Yes ,I am gonna answer your question in this article and these ways are most easy and inexpensive.

Here  you will  get the best ways to help yourself and your loved ones.

I would like to share the importance of Dance, how it helped me and my husband in balancing health.

Do You know what is exactly Dance means?Dance is a movement of body in rhythm of music when a person feels to express his feelings .

How can Dance will help to believe stress and other health issues?
It’s quite natural question.
I am gonna clear you about benefits ,which I experienced .


what are common health issues ?

  • Heart related diseases
  • Stress
  • Asthma,Headaches
  • Depression
  • Obesity
  • Alzheimer
  • Diabetes
  • Low Self esteem and Social Skill

Do you know when your inner soul is happy, ultimately your body will be happy.As I am a good dancer, I love to dance. I felt its magic.

No more delay on our topic, let’s begin

Are you shy to dance?
Don’t feel shy, if you don’t know dancing.
I didn’t mean to dance like professional  with steps.
I Mean Dance in a way you like don’t think about the world.Like a child, which expresses its joy by dancing

Let’s do one thing,Get in to action

Play some good music, Close  your eyes start moving your body in rhythm of music, now you may be feeling light.feel the magic.

Do you feel the changes? (share your experience with me)

Does dance has capacity to change anyone?Yes it has, as I have experienced that.

Let me share my experience in a quick,
“We were in USA for about 7 years. Everything was going well.On Feb 2016 my husband faced health issues because of stress, then I was on search Mission to get best ways to relieve stress.But  didn’t find much, even after doctor consultation ,medications.Then I came to know that dance is one of the best therapies to relax .Me and husband thought let’s give try, you don’t believe that it helped my husband to get relax in few minutes that to at home.”

One more thing we followed the health mantra by Dr. B.M.Hegde He is one of best of Doctors in making people lives very  easy ,happy through  his theories of health.

Let’s move on to  our topic,

Dancing Health benefits for Kids,

  1. Helps to improve memory power
  2. Child obesity problem
  3. Builds Self-esteem  and a best ways to be part of social life
  4. Aggressive behavioral issues
  5. Increases Children Concentration and confidence
  6. Good exposure in schools
  7. Child depression can be cured
  8. Strengthen the muscles and flexibility
  9. Helps to overall child development

Dancing Health benefits for Adults

  1. It improves general and psychological health
  2. Its Antidepressant , without medication depression could be treated.
  3. It helps to manage stressful life.
  4. Best way of weight management
  5. Helps to increase concentration and emotional balancing
  6. Source of Joy and helps express
  7. Conditions of heart and lungs
  8. Helps build self-esteem and Good social skills
  9. A wallet friendly way.

Dancing health benefits for super seniors

A light and simple ways of dancing can help the most energetic super older.

  1. Helps to be more flexible
  2. Makes better posture
  3. Boosts happiness
  4. Decreases the chances of heart diseases
  5. Helps to Sharpen memory
  6. In my way,

“Expressing your feelings through a best media like dancing or singing or any can make feel you better.

Encourage your loved ones to dance to live stress free life.”

Disclaimer: Dance is not recommended for heart,High BP,Asthama patients ,please consult your doctor before you follow.